This, by no means, is a review but an acknowledgment of the impact that a recent book that I just finished had on me.

The book is entitled: Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy Seal Team Six Operator Adam Brown.

It is basically a biography of his life. The book begins with a little bit of background from his parents and their struggle to provide for Adam and his twin sister, and his five years older brother Shawn.

I first heard about this book and Adam when the author, Chris Blehm was interviewed on the Bob Dutko show on WMUZ shortly after the book was released, so I decided to give it a try.

I had no idea what I was about to get myself into nor did I fully understand what the book truly was about. I was expecting to read about the details of what Adam went through to become a Navy Seal.

Navy Seals are some of the most under-appreciated heroes that we have. With the exception of the killing of Bin Laden, they are very rarely given attention in the media for their heroic acts of bravery, courage and patriotism. The only bragging is within their own teams.

They are also a very secretive group as well. Their missions to neutralize high risk and high priority targets are kept top secret and most of the details are known only to those involved for security issues.

I personally believe we could all benefit from learning more about their training and the sacrifices they daily make for the freedoms we so often take for granted. After reading this book, it primarily has given me a different perspective, a greater awareness and appreciation for what they and others give for my freedom. To not take seriously or to not show them our thanks and appreciation for serving our country and sacrificing being with their families and sacrificing their health and well-being by being injured or even killed, is to spit in their face and essentially saying that their sacrifices are in vain.

I will admit, war is not fun nor is it something that should be glorified. But, I do believe there are times where it is needed and very much justified. Also war is part of our reality and we can’t escape it or act like it doesn’t exist. The bottom line is that there are real American lives that are being sacrificed on a daily basis just so that we can have the freedom to go about our daily lives as if there aren’t any wars going on.

A life isnt just sacrificed when a person dies, although that is the ultimate sacrifice. This is ultimately the kind of sacrifice Adam Brown gave. His very life so that we could enjoy living one more day without the fear of terrorists attacking our homes and ultimately our nation. Without these nameless, faceless heroes putting their lives on the line for us, 9/11 would’ve been repeated who knows how many times over.

We may have forgotten what it felt like to lose American lives in the attacks on 9/11, but the families of soldiers who are KIA feel that pain and loss on a regular, daily basis. Are we really going to live like nothing is going on outside of our comfortable lives here in the freest Nation in the world and forget about the fact that people are giving their lives fighting for our comfort?

One of the things that this book revealed about me is that I have been guilty of taking them for granted and not acknowledging the sacrifices they and their families make.

I’ve often questioned what possesses an individual to volunteer their very life to military service. That question was answered after reading this book.

Another thing that I learned from this book is that it is a soldier’s duty and job to sacrifice daily for others to enjoy something they themselves cannot.

This book gave me a glimpse into the life of a military family who made the ultimate sacrifice. Not because they had to or wanted to, but because I needed them to. I may not be here today if it weren’t for patriots like Adam Brown and countless others who stepped up and said, “I will take the hit so you don’t have to.”

It was this message that reminded me of Jesus paying the ultimate price for my freedom.


2 thoughts on “Fearless

  1. It is only because of friends and past students that are in the military that I too have begun to be truly appreciative for the sacrifices that they make. One of my former students and close friend is a Navy Seal and is serving right now. I pray for him and his wife often because I have an understanding, though small, of the demands placed upon them.

    Thanks Josh for the reminder!

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