Broken Sunglasses

I don’t like to spend a lot of money on expensive sunglasses. It’s always seemed like a waste of money.

I remember my first pair of sunglasses, only because I was so happy I could wear them.  Growing up I had to wear glasses so the best I could do was clip on shades for them.  But, my first pair of sunglasses was a pair from Pepsi points.  I had collected enough points to “buy” a pair.  There really wasn’t anything special about them other than the fact they were my first pair and I thought I was special just being able to wear them.  I took pride in them and being able to wear them.  What I really didn’t know how to do was properly take care of them, so they ended up getting broken after a short while.

Ever since then, I’ve made the choice to never spend more than $20 to $25 on a pair.  I’ve always seemed to have a stream of bad luck when it comes to them.

Now, usually I’m a strong believer in the saying that you get what you pay for.  That’s generally true when it comes to most things, but sunglasses don’t fall into that category because it takes generally the same amount of force to break a pair of $50 sunglasses as a pair that costs $10.

My current pair is on its last leg.  The lenses are all scratched and the nose rests that are made of rubber continuously fall off. I know I probably could just glue them on, and I probably will after what happened on Sunday.

As I was walking over to the youth house for Sunday School, I proceeded to put on my sunglasses. As I did, I noticed that one of the blue rubber nose rests, if that’s the correct term for them, was missing.  This didn’t particularly upset me since I paid only $10 for them so I figured I’d be buying a new pair soon or just learning to live with the missing piece.

I just happened to be walking to the youth house with Brooke and I was sharing with her that a piece was missing and how they continue to fall off and that I was probably going to have buy a new pair soon.

Well, I really wasn’t thinking of finding the missing piece that much. I searched the inside of my coat pocket, since this is where I had them before I went to put them on, but the missing piece wasn’t there.

As I’m sitting in the front pew with butterflies turning my stomach into knots before the service starts and I have to sing a special, Brooke walks over to me with none other than the missing blue nose rest for my sunglasses.  At the time, I was thinking what are the odds that I would lose such a small piece and then to tell precisely the person who would later find it to return it to me.

Well, the whole situation really got me thinking.

If Brooke hadn’t sat in the exact spot where the piece was, she wouldn’t have found it.

If anyone else had found it, they wouldn’t have known what it was and it probably would have made its way to the trash.

If I hadn’t told Brooke in the first place that my sunglasses were defective and that I’d lost a piece off of them, she wouldn’t have known what it was she had found.

If I hadn’t been walking over to the youth house at the precise moment that I was, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to talk to her about it.

Finally, if I didn’t own a piece of junk pair of sunglasses in the first place, the piece never would have fallen off and I wouldn’t be sharing this story right now.

I also believe there is something to be learned in every situation and depending on where you are in life, the lesson to be learned may be different.

There are multiple things to be learned from this situation, but the one that I got from it was the fact if I hadn’t shared my problem with Brooke, my sunglasses would probably be in a landfill right now.
She also wouldn’t have been able to help me solve my problem.  She wouldn’t have had the knowledge to help me if and when she found the missing piece to my sunglasses.

Obviously, this is about more than Brooke helping me to fix my cheap sunglasses.

The fact is, we need other people. I need other people and they need me.  I may have something to offer them in their time of need and they may have the right solution or assistance to help me in my time of need.

I’ve been being made aware of this fact in the past few weeks as I’ve read different passages of scripture and heard several different lessons and messages about this idea of people needing others.

Specifically, God has been gently tugging at my heart and convicting me of the importance of allowing others into my life for this very reason.

Instead of putting up a wall and shielding myself from the possibility of being hurt, God’s telling me to open up and let others invest in my life and to invest in others as well.

The only thing is, someone else can’t force themselves into my life and I can’t force myself into someone else’s life.  There has to be an invitation or an open door for true relationship to take place.

Is it always difficult?  No, I don’t think it has to be.  It just requires me to focus on things outside of myself.

While it wasnt paricularly difficult talking to her about this, I can think of a number of factors that would have led me to not share with Brooke my little insignificant problem and they all have their roots in selfishness and pride.

I’m not sharing this story because I want others to have another glimpse into my life as much as I want to encourage others and myself that we all have things in our life we need to change.  God has already convicted us of the truth that we need to obey Him, but we keep focusing on ourselves and disobeying Him.  We keep giving Him the same excuses over and over and we fail to act on what God has already told us to do or not to do. His Word has given us the knowledge and conviction and His Holy Spirit gives us the power to act on that which we know to be right. He’s also given us each other to lean on.

I amazed how God can use the most seemingly insignificant circumstances in our lives to help teach us His ways. But the question is are we going act on the truth He’s taught us.


3 thoughts on “Broken Sunglasses

  1. Great blog, Josh! So awesome that you were willing and able to learn such a profound message from a seemingly benign event. You are right. Because of fear of looking bad in others’ eyes – to appear as if we don’t “have it all together” – we do not share our burdens, fears, struggles, pain, etc. with each other. But God instructed us to do just that! Galatians 6:2, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” God is there to carry our burdens, (Matt 11:28 “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”) but in also sharing one another’s burdens, we are growing more like Christ (progressive sanctification). Thanks for sharing!!

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