A TIME FOR CHOOSING: Implosion or revival?

I couldn’t agree with Joel Rosenberg more!

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

Are you praying (even fasting) today for America, for Israel and for the nations of the epicenter? Are you praying specifically for the Lord to raise up leaders who will get America back on the right track economically, spiritually and morally? Are you praying for a massive spiritual revival — a Third Great Awakening — that will turn hearts of millions back to true, sincere, saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and will once again make America the “shining city on a hill” she was for so long?

The blunt truth is this: We are in deep trouble as a nation. We are facing the horrific and accelerating breakdown of the family — infidelity, divorce, abuse. We are seeing accelerating apostasy within the Church. People are turning away from God, betraying family and friends and ignoring the life-changing message of the Bible. Crime is surging, especially violent crime. The pornography industry now makes more than ABC, CBS and NBC

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