One of the things that has always astounded and perplexed me is the way people separate their morals and values from the way they live their public lives. Obviously, those of us who are followers of Jesus Christ or call ourselves Christian know better than this.

Or do we?

Should we as Christians separate our beliefs in God; who God is, what things the Bible calls sin?

Should we leave our faith behind at home when we go to work every day to do our job that our employer is paying us to do?

Or what about when we go out to see a movie or see our favorite band perform?

Should our faith and beliefs dictate our decisions? Or does God just not have a say in how we live our lives in front of others when we’re at work or enjoying a meal with the guys or coworkers. After all, it doesn’t really matter to God what movie I see or music I choose to listen to or even who I vote for in the election.

I’m not a murderer or a thief.

There are a lot of people that are a lot worse than I am.

I don’t want to lose my job or my friends by saying or doing something that could possibly be offensive.

These are just a few reasons why we don’t stand up for the truth in our lives.
Then there are those who think a person’s faith is a personal thing that shouldn’t be shown in public.

Or perhaps that our faith shouldn’t affect in any way our political decisions.

If we as Christians think that any one of these, or any other lame excuse, is going to be okay with God, then we need to go back and study our Bible.

I would challenge anyone who claims to have surrendered their life to Christ, to point out any verse in the Bible that says we are to separate our faith from the way we vote or the way we work or interact with the world.

Christ is to be at the center of every decision we make. Whether we are making dinner or deciding who to vote for in the next election to what job we should have, we ought to consult God’s Word for direction in whatever decision we make.

I’m certainly not claiming that those who don’t consult God in every decision aren’t Christians, but it certainly doesn’t show Christ to the world when we don’t obey His Word when grappling with a decision.

I am a firm believer that there is an answer in the Bible for everything that a person could possibly go through. I’m not just talking words on a page or some knowledge on how to move forward in a big decision.

I’m referring to Jesus being the answer for all our troubles. He can comfort, encourage, lift you up, give strength and courage. But he can also give you peace in the middle of turmoil or catastrophe.

Jesus certainly isn’t going to answer all our questions this side of Heaven, but I’m fairly certain when we do get there and we finally have our questions answered, when our faith becomes sight, it won’t really matter.


Because we’ll be in the presence of The King of Kings.

So my main point is that yes we should consult Him in every choice we make even if the answer is one that we don’t fully understand. We may pray for God to take away a certain ailment or disease that you or someone you love is dealing with. You may not understand why you’re going through this or why God hasn’t given you the answer you wanted. But He is there to give you peace and comfort that is beyond any kind of peace or comfort that this world can give.

My purpose in writing this is to challenge you, and myself, to seek God in every decision or circumstance you are facing. Whether you are dealing with health issues or struggling to decide who to vote for.

Just make obeying and honoring God and His Word the central focus of every decision. To do otherwise, in God’s eyes, is sin.


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