Winter Fun? Part II


For anyone who lived in the 80’s, whether you grew up or were a parent, your family probably owned one of these sweet automobiles or you knew someone who had one.  The Plymouth Reliant.

I don’t remember what model year my parents owned, probably ’83 or ’84, because this particular incident happened in the winter of ’84/’85.

Eric and I were outside playing in the snow and eventually we ended up in the driveway around the car.  As I said, there is something unusual, yet very interesting about seeing snow on the top of a car, atleast we thought it was cool.  Well Eric certainly thought so because he really wanted to reach the snow on the roof of our tan, now snow covered, Plymouth Reliant four door sedan.  He was only eight, so no doubt, not tall enough to reach it from the ground, so he needed a way up there.

We ran different ideas and plans through our little heads, weighing it against our limited experience, and came up with a relatively good plan. I don’t remember whose idea it was, but at the time, it seemed like a good idea.  It would’ve been a great plan had it worked out the way we’d envisioned it.

Our limited experience and our tiny brains were outweighed by our huge imaginations. 
We had decided that best way to reach the top of this car covered in snow would be to first climb up on the trunk and then we could just step up onto the roof from there. What we would do on the roof once we got there, we didn’t know, but we’d surely think of something once we got up there.

Our minds were set and we were as sure as we could be that the idea that we had, just had to work.

The plan was to lean the wooden sled with runners on the bottom, against the back bumper of the car and then Eric could just climb up the sled like a ladder.  There were many factors and variables that we had failed to take into account.

Number one, a sled was never intended to be a ladder, and two, snow and ice is slippery.


2 thoughts on “Winter Fun? Part II

  1. Son,
    you do know that confession is good for the soul. LOL I’m so glad you are writing, especially about the times you and Eric had that we have idea of. Your accounts bring great joy to our hearts! Mom and I are extremely proud of the life you, Kristie, and Jadon or experiencing.
    Please be sure to keep your blogs in a big file for future sharing, especially with Jadon, when the time is right .
    May God richly bless you and yours on this very special day!

  2. Josh,
    As you are writing this, it sure brings back memories of that day. I can only remember the things that happen when I got home that night and when Dad got home from taking Eric to the dentist. keep up the good writing. I am enjoying it.
    Very proud of you and Kristie and Jadon!

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