Winter fun?


Not really sure what got into us one winter when I was 7, but the idea was bad right from the start.

Eric and I were all bundled up in our winter clothes; coats, hats, gloves and boots. We were going to have some harmless fun in the snow outside.

I’m not sure what we were originally planning to do, but what 7 and 8 year olds plan their play time. Well, we had decided we were going to play with the sled. This sled wasn’t some cheap plastic sled you see today. This was the classic wooden sled with steel runners on it.

Now, the normal use for a sled would be to carry it to the top of the nearest hill, climb on, hold onto the pull rope and hang on.

Usually me being the younger brother, I would normally follow and go along with whatever Eric wanted to do.

This particular winter produced a lot of snow and as kids it’s always cool to see freshly fallen snow piled on top of things because you can guage how deep the snow is.  It’s especially noticeable on the tops of cars that have been sitting all day and haven’t been cleaned off.

Now, we’ve all been young before and usually it goes without saying, and you’ve heard the cliches before, kids do some pretty dumb things and, boys will be boys. That pretty much describes what happened next…..


2 thoughts on “Winter fun?

  1. Son you have a great looking blog here!
    I’m very proud of what you are doing but I have one little question – how do I get to the next page of the above story.
    A lot can be done with WordPress.


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