Reclaiming again…

So a few years ago I found this table in the dumpster at work. I decided to bring it home because I thought it would be cool to put it in the basement so the kids could have a small TV down there to watch.  Well, after a few years, I think the TV has […]

New shop lights 

Ever since I started woodworking in my garage, I knew I needed some more lights. When we moved into the house, the only lights in there were these two 4′ t-12 fluorescent fixtures. They hold two 40 watt bulbs each.  Just the other day, I happened to check the Craigslist free section in my area […]

My 2017 Woodworking Goals

I’m normally not one to set goals. Mainly because I’m usually very bad about fulfilling them or completing them. So it’s easier to not set them in the first place.  However, I’ve begun to learn that not setting goals can easily make a person lazy or unmotivated. In the end, who cares if you didn’t […]


So, within the past year and half, I’d say, I’ve gotten into the hobby of woodworking.  When I use the term woodworking, that can be very broad and cover a lot of different areas of working with wood. I grew up around power tools and occasionally helped my Dad when he was into building things […]


This, by no means, is a review but an acknowledgment of the impact that a recent book that I just finished had on me. The book is entitled: Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy Seal Team Six Operator Adam Brown. It is basically a biography of his life. The book begins with […]

Blessing Part II

What determines if something or someone is a blessing in our lives? Is it possible for discipline to be a blessing? Or how about a sickness or trial or a loss of a job? Can these things be a blessing? Is it all in how you look at any particular situation that determines if it […]

“Fake”book Friends

Recently, on facebook, I have noticed a few posts that say something to the effect of facebook friends really are not your true friends. That we should take more time interacting with people face to face.  How many of your so-called friends on facebook do you actually talk to or interact with on a daily […]


There are many things that I’m thankful for.  I’ve thought of writing on this topic before, but just recently I’ve been learning, more importantly, God has been teaching and reminding me to not only be thankful for the good but also the seemingly bad things in my life. I’m thankful, first of all, for Jesus […]

Broken Sunglasses

I don’t like to spend a lot of money on expensive sunglasses. It’s always seemed like a waste of money. I remember my first pair of sunglasses, only because I was so happy I could wear them.  Growing up I had to wear glasses so the best I could do was clip on shades for […]


2 years, 3 months and 2 days ago, Kristie and received the greatest blessing and our life has never been the same. The fact that God trusts us enough with this blessing to give us another one astounds me. I’m talking about Jadon, of course. Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to have […]